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UrSpeed - Acceleration test


Measure your acceleration with UrSpeedCreate your car profile, fill it with your car specifications and photo. Start the measurement and share your car acceleration results.
You can make the following acceleration measurement:0-100 km/h0-200 km/h100-150 km/h100-200 km/h
0-60 mph0-100 mph60-100mph
Maximum speed
The maximum speed will be save to your car profile, it will be shown on the result card.
UrSpeed uses GPS and Accelerometer to measure your acceleration, so make sure to turn on your GPS.
Measurement start and stop is triggered automatically using GPS and accelerometer, beware that a shake could also trigger the start. In that case just restart the measurement.We advice you to use a smartphone-holder for better user experience.
The results depends on GPS quality of the device, beware that the results is not absolute and it shouldnt be treated as technical data.
We know that smartphone GPS is very limited, the update rate is 1hz. Means the gps only get a new position after 1s, therefore we tried to optimize the result using Interpolation for the next update.
Hint:This application is intended for entertainment only! Please make sure you drive carefully, adhere to all speed limits and traffic regulations in your respective country and come to a safe standstill before you check your measurements. Do not use the application for speeding or racing. Do not check the display while driving. HotPot cannot be held responsible for any damage inflicted on persons or objects of any amount. The use of this application is at your own risk. Values may vary and are subject to change depending on different conditions.
Credit: Icon designed by Freepik